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Voodoo Attraction Love Spell For A Good Man

attraction love spell

Voodoo Attraction Love Spell That Works The behavior of men these days is getting very weird and in addition there is no way for you to assess the behavior of any man to ascertain that he is a good man and that he will not change his behavior after you have got involved with him. …

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A Full Moon Love Spell

attraction love spell

If You want to attract love into your life, perform this spell underneath a full moon. There hasn’t been any other planet (or satellite) that has fascinated human kind more than the Moon. Surrounded by stories, myths, legends, ancient and modern lore the Moon has been the Night Muse that has inspired us all with her mystery. From Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Druids and modern Witches the Moon, the radiant Goddess in the skies, has been loved and inspired us all with its simple yet extraordinary beauty and radiance.

However, a Full Moon is a particular important time for Witches. This is the time when the Moon shines at all its glory and this is considered a very important Esbat. The ‘Witching Hour’ usually refers to the Midnight hour during a Full Moon which was always regarded as a particular potent time as the Moon is not Waxing nor Waning and midnight is considered the time between the Days- in between time in between worlds. During the Full Moon time all magic work is empowered, all magical work is fertile. …

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