We had a serious discussion yesterday and like you said, he's realizing we are soul mates. Thank you so very much for bringing my boyfriend back to me!


Dr.Muhabiti is the best! I couldnt be happier with his services. He replies fast to emails, gave many details about his work and the results are as expected! A++++


Many spells were cast for me but nothing worked until I found Dr.Muhabiti. Him and only him has been able to help me and to hold his promise. THANKS!


Dr.Muhabiti, there is no word to say how grateful I am for all what you have done to help me. Happiness is the best word to describe how I feel now that my husband is back home. Blessings.





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Voodoo money spells not only work faster than other magic spells, their effects also work better and longer. If you already have a job and need to be fairly paid for the hard efforts you're producing at work, this Voodoo spell is the best solution for you to start to make a lot of money. In a few days you will notice important changes on your workplace and you will gain recognition and respect from your boss. Additionally, all the persons who are working with you will tell your boss and managers about the quality of your work and soon your professional career will be more successful than ever and you will be offered an important salary increase on which you can count to live a better life.


Salary Increase Money SpellGet the recognition you deserve thanks to this powerful Voodoo spell that will improve your professional career and increase your salary
If your career has been stalling and you feel that you haven't been given the salary you deserve, this powerful Voodoo spell will make your career highly successful. I will conjure three powerful Voodoo spirits who will be working silently and effortlessly for you. You will quickly gain respect from your coworkers and you will be recognized and admired for the extra value you're bringing to the company. Thanks to this Voodoo spell, your career will bump up and your salary increase will grow your bank account bigger than ever. This spell really works, and who else better than a famous Voodoo priest with more than 30 years of experience and expertise to cast it for you?


This powerful Voodoo money spell to make your career successful and increase your salary will take effect on different levels and you will get results from 2 days to a maximum of 30 days:

  • Be respected, be admired from your coworkers,
  • Gain recognition from your boss and managers and receive a fast offer for an important salary increase,
  • Strenghten and increase your position in the company, making your career successful,
  • Make it impossible for your boss or manager to imagine the company without an asset like you.

AFTER YOU ORDER THIS MONEY SPELL: When you order your spell, I receive an instant confirmation and plan a moment to do your work. Before I cast your money spell, I need to collect a few details from you (your name, date of birth, details about your job, etc.) and so I will contact you by email to get the information I need. Normally a spell is cast within 72 hours after purchase, but be aware that it also depends on my planning and how much work I have (I cast a maximum of 2 spells per day and custom spells often keep me busy several days in a row). Once I have the information I need, I cast your spell. The price you pay includes my fee for the different rituals and ceremonies as well as the rare ingredients I use for the spellwork. You will also receive my guidance until the spell fully worked.


FAST RESULTS AND POWERFUL EFFECTS: I have helped many celebrities and clients to make their career rise and get a better salary thanks to this powerful money spell. Therefore I can cope with your highest expectations to get fast and powerful results from your money spell.




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VIP OFFERNEW! VIP OFFER 2X CAST Now you can take advantage of the special 2x cast for each money spell. The 2x cast generally give results 50% faster and will last a life-time. You have 2 options below for each money spell. Are you in a hurry and want to enjoy the effects of spell permanently? Then take the 2x cast! All money spells x2 casts are treated as "VIP" and will always have priority in my daily sessions (I cast yours first)!



>"Thank you Dr.Muhabiti! I am totally satisfied with the results I had from your spell and even if it took longer than I thought I had everything I asked you, and beyond. I thank you for the recast you generously did free of charges and if you want some money for that I will be more than happy to pay you. I realize that my case gave you a lot of work. Last but not least I thank you for your patience and understanding. I was reading your emails when I had doubts. They were comforting and calmed me down more than you can imagine! God bless you!" Julia


>"I always liked my job but had personal problems with my colleagues, specially other women who I suspect to be jealous me. They would always say something mean to me and every time they could they were stressing me about my work and make it very difficult for me to concentrate on what I have to do. Quitting is an option I really considered for some time and before I purchased my spell, my plan was to find another job. Finally everything changed and I just had a promotion! I moved to the management floor and here people are very different from where I was working until then. They respect me and since I am here I have received many compliments about how meticulous my work is. Thanks Dr.Muhabiti." Ruby


>"My situation at work was very difficult and I had been given an ultimatum from my boss to get better results. He made himself very clear about it, and said he would find someone else for the job if I wasn't doing better. I am selling condos and villas and my salary only depends on the sales I make. Things have been very hard these last years because of the financial crisis and I had a lot of stress that eventually affected my private life. I was at my wits end and was willing to try anything that could help. First I tried to phone psychics but they were not helpful and basically all said my situation couldn't improve. One person told me that I had been cursed and that I needed a spell to remove the malediction. This news totally broke me into pieces and I was so scared that I sent more than $5,000 to this person for nothing, because my situation wasn't getting better. Then I ordered this spell from Dr.Muhabiti . It's a true miracle! In 3 weeks I have sold 6 properties!!! My boss told me it's the best income one of his sellers got in 15 years!!! Everything has changed and even on a private level I am benefiting from the success of my spell. I am more relaxed, I offered gifts to my wife, and we're flying to Hawaii this month!!! I'm going to drink cocktails to Dr.Muhabiti's health on the beach for sure! I am very thankful for the remarkable job he did and recommend him if your situation is similar than mine. I hope my testimonial helps! " Philip


>"Dr.Muhabiti, I have a very good news for you. I went to talk with the human resources manager and she told me the company was very satisfied with my performances. She mentioned my salary and said I will have a 15% augmentation. Another good news: the direction is going to discuss my situation for a promotion in December this year. I am so thankful for all what you have done for me. Nothing would happen without you and I will never forget your help. Thank you so much." Emilie


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Satisfaction 100% GuaranteedSatisfaction 100% Guaranteed: I want you to feel 100% satisfied with my services so I offer a 90 days free recast guarantee! If you are not satisfied and don't have full results after 90 days, you can ask me to recast the spell, with no questions asked. In order to make sure I will provide you with more chances the second time I cast your spell, I will try a different approach and then increase the chances of success for the recast of your money spell.